Panama trip - for Open Blue Cobia


Based 8-10 miles offshore, a farming operation is fully submerged at depths of up to 250 feet, Open Blue is a pioneer and the world’s leader in raising fish in the open ocean. Situated in a protected no-take zone of 2,500 acres of water, this pristine natural environment is home only to Open Blue and indigenous marine species including magnificent whale sharks!


A group of high level chef’s and people working in the culinary world where asked to visit Panama to see the process of farming this sustainable Cobia fish.

Of-course we visited not only the farm, but some very cool other places in Panama.

And when traveling with culinary like minded people…food…cooking is a big part of the trip. We went to the local market and every chef created it’s own dish with Cobia. We took over a whole restaurant and served the local people with amazing food.

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Client: Open Blue – Remco de Waard

Photography: Lyan van Furth – LVF Photography

Restaurant 1: Black Zambombo

Restaurant 2 (take over): Mahalo Panama

Restaurant 3 (final evening): Donde José

Pineapple Farm: La Dona Fruit

Rum Tasting: La Bottega

People on this trip:

Remco de Waard, Sven Feldmann, Peter Scharff, Leo Scharff,

Claudia Scharff, Tristan Brandt, Mandy van Niersen,

Dominik Wetzel, Daniel Kübler, Christian Herlein